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Pilot's Report:

We are making some changes to the Pilot's Report system and get the responsibility of supporting events and wakes back to the where it belongs in the Assemblies.


"Any requests for Color Corps MUST come through your assembly who will then forward the information to Eric Yang at  He will not accept requests directly from an individual that is not representing the Assembly.  


It must come through the assembly's Faithful Navigator, Faithful Pilot, or otherwise appointed officer so they are aware of the request and can assure a good turnout before sending it to him. 

Requests should include what the event is celebrating, date of the event, time of the event, gather time for the event (especially if more than 30 minutes prior to the event is needed), location (including address) of the event, assembly, and any special notes regarding the event." Eric then adds it to the Pilot’s Report and add to our district’s signup sheet  Eric will list the event for you but will not be expected to get Sir Knights for your event.


Only events that are Diocesan related as posted on the table on the web site will be controlled by a District Marshal.


Duane Lord

Master, Ohio District 3


"Standing strong for God

and Country"

Fourth Degree, Knights of Columbus
Serving the Columbus & Steubenville Dioceses
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